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December 2017 Issue

Feature Articles

Optics in 2017

This special issue of Optics & Photonics News highlights the most exciting peer-reviewed optics research to have emerged over the past 12 months.

Winners of 2017 Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of OPN’s 12th annual After Image photo contest.

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

Fighting superbugs with light; strain sensor for wearable tech; THz waves from water; toward a better gamma-ray source; mantis shrimp-inspired camera; Teledyne e2v inks LSST imaging contract; eyeing a National Quantum Initiative; super-precise 3-D optical clock.

A Global Astronomy Event

In the seconds, hours and days after LIGO and Virgo detected gravitational waves from a neutron star collision on 17 August, some 70 gamma-ray, X-ray, optical and radio telescopes detected signals from the same event—kicking off the era of multi-messenger astronomy. Find out more at

A Mentor’s Year

OPN talked with 2017 OSA Ambassador Rim Cherif, an associate professor at the University of Carthage, Tunisia, about her travels during her year of service—what she shared, and what she learned.

Light Touch
Before Day-Glo

The conventional story of fluorescent paint’s invention misses some intriguing precursors.

Career Focus
“Senior Member Insights”: Signposts on the Career Road

In a new online feature, “Senior Member Insights,” OPN has been talking with some of OSA’s Senior Members about their own career journeys. Here, we share a few excerpts from two of those interviews.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
An Eventful Year

OSA Update
News from the Society

OSA Laser Congress; Small Eyes, Smart Minds; chasing Golden Geese; Young Scientists Forum; IONS Rochester; Gibson at Dillard; In Memoriam Stig Stenholm; OSA Fellow member stories; members honored in Rochester; supporting multi-messenger astronomy; thank you, editors and volunteers.