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Quantum Computing Enters the Atomic Realm

Atom-based architectures may have a scalability advantage over other platforms in the quest to build more powerful quantum processors.

by Susan Curtis
65 Years of “Born and Wolf”

Generations of physical scientists have made Principles of Optics their standard reference in the field—but the book’s authors faced challenges before its first publication.

by Patricia Daukantas
2024 Optica Awards and Medals

Optica is proud to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions to science, research, engineering, education, industry and society.

by Meredith Smith, Kari Apter and Samantha Hornback

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Research and Industry News

Metamaterial amplifies sound / Improving laser ablation / Insect-inspired coating / 3D-printed phantom brains / Photoacoustic placental imaging / Industry news

Global Quantum Funding

Governments worldwide are increasing their funding commitments for quantum technology. Here’s a look at total historic investments for various countries/regions.

Career Focus
How to Maximize Short-Term Engagements

Being an intern, visitor or postdoc can be an extremely valuable experience—if you take the right approach.

Light Touch
Putting Polarization to Work

Leveraging polarization direction has enabled wide-ranging applications, from glare reduction to 3D movies.

Then and Now
Pushing Quantum Security

Researchers have expanded quantum key distribution to new lengths—and are now turning toward the tantalizing goal of networks of quantum devices.


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President's Message
The Power of Tools

Innovation in modern science has been closely linked to better and better tools and methods.

Looking Back
30, 20 and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Lens design; nanocomputing; the promise of silk optics.

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Biophotonics Congress / Gapontsev Prize applications open / Laser micromachining industry meeting / Optica Fellow stories / Supporting freeform optics / PIC International Conference / Congressional Visits Day / Optica eclipse experience / Thank you, editors, chairs and committees

After Image
Colorful Scattering

The scattering of light creates vivid colors in 12,479 hanging fibers representing 12,479 famous ancient Chinese paintings.