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What Computer Vision Can Learn from Insect Vision 

The superb vision of insects—biospeculatively combining optical preprocessing and small brains—offers an intriguing example for the development of lightweight visual systems for unmanned aircraft systems and other applications.

by Luat T. Vuong, Doekele G. Stavenga and Geoffrey L. Barrows 
Adaptive Optics: Assessing Vision, Disease and Treatment

Recent research in using adaptive optics techniques for the human eye enables new scientific insights and clinical applications.

by Susana Marcos, Ramkumar Sabesan and Daniel X. Hammer
MXenes for Optics and Photonics

An emerging class of versatile, tunable, easily manufactured 2D materials (carbides, nitrides and related compounds) could offer a novel platform for photonic and optoelectronic applications.

by Jeffrey Simon, Colton Fruhling, Hyunho Kim, Yury Gogotsi and Alexandra Boltasseva 

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Origami microfliers / Enhanced cellular imaging / Lighting up hBN / Phototherapy with bacteria / 3D nanoprinting / Aquatic vision / Easier vacuum metrology / Industry news

Aquatic Vision

In the underwater world, where light can be limited and visibility murky, the eyes of several aquatic creatures have adapted—possibly providing advantages over predators and prey. 

Career Focus
The Value of Patents: It’s More than the Money

Being an inventor on a patent can carry great weight as part of your credentials.

Sphere Breaks Records in Vegas

OPN spoke with Stuart Elby, a senior vice president of MSG Ventures, about the technology and development of the new entertainment venue.


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Science: The Universal Language

The global importance of our science makes it the responsibility of everyone in our community to reach across borders.

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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Hubble Space Telescope; optical breast cancer detection; multiphoton microscopy.

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Wyant named Honorary Member / Optica Fellow stories / Delhi joins GEMM / Eichenholz enters Florida Hall of Fame / Pollicove Memorial Scholarship / Bayvel wins Rumford Medal / Morelle is Advocate of Optics / Learning from light / Shore is honored in Wales / Luminate Awards and Summit / Thank you, editors and meeting chairs

After Image
Dinosaur Bone

A dinosaur bone in transmitted light under a polychromatic polarization microscope with a 4× objective lens and illuminating white polarized light with a spectral fan of polarization ellipses.