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Coatings for Petawatt-Class High-Energy Lasers

Laser-damage-resistant coatings for meter-class optical elements—key to operation of large-scale, high-energy lasers and to research efforts toward sustainable laser-driven fusion—are a fascinating, dynamic branch of optical technology.

by John Bellum
The Lingering Legacy of Kodachrome

The first color reversal film—invented by two accomplished musicians—brought stunning, velvety colors to family snapshots, famous portraits and world-shaking events alike.

by Patricia Daukantas
2022 Optica Awards and Medals

Optica is proud to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions to science, research, engineering, education, industry and society.

by Meredith Smith, Kari Apter and Samantha Hornback

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Mini-microscope / 3D displays / Gravitational waves / Edible fluorescent tags / Integrated LN systems / Frederic Ives / PhotonDelta / STEM diversity data / Wearable displays / Laser-powered weight loss? / Fabricating IR optics

Frederic Ives: Lifelong Inventor

Frederic Ives, namesake of Optica’s highest award, is best known for the Ives halftone process. However, he was also a pioneer in color photography, 3D film and patented at least 70 inventions. 

Career Focus
The Innovation School Turns Five

The Optica Foundation’s summer boot camp for innovators and entrepreneurs returns this month as a live event at Optica Global Headquarters.

Building a “Google Earth” for the Human Brain

A research team led by Optica Fellow Elizabeth Hillman hopes to create an imaging pipeline that can map every cell in the brain—at unprecedented speeds.

Then and Now
Adaptive Optics

Adaptive optics was first proposed as a way to improve astronomical measurements, but later it transformed into a tool for ophthalmology and beyond.


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President's Message
Notes on Optica Leadership 2022

Looking back on a successful Optica Leadership Conference.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

LOS test facility; photonic crystals; recycling

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Guggenheim Fellowship for Boltasseva / NIHF inductees / Biophotonics Congress / Optica Fellow stories / Pulse oximeters for India and Bangladesh / Colorado Photonics Expo / World Quantum Day / Industry webinars / Kawata in Yokohama / Thank you, editors and volunteers

After Image
The Pilbara From Space

The Pilbara, northwestern Australia, which exposes some of the oldest rocks on Earth, is captured in a composite image by Terra satellite.