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April 2022 Issue

Feature Articles

From Lab to Clinic

OPN highlights three biophotonics companies that are bringing lab-developed technology to the medical suite—and beyond.

by Karen Kwon
How to Span the Quantum Gap

Building continental-scale quantum communications links is an arduous task, but scientists believe they have the technology in hand.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Marvelous MIRI

The Webb Space Telescope’s Mid-Infrared Instrument—the coolest optical gadget in space—is getting ready for its close-up.

by Stewart Wills

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

A step toward laser fusion / Mapping methane / Imaging vision’s chemistry / COVID-19 breathalyzer / Optical trapping near absolute zero / Toward zero-carbon cities / Singapore quantum network / Gender bias in labs / Photon recycling

Toward Zero-Carbon Cities

Copenhagen, Denmark, has concrete plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025—setting an example for cities worldwide.

Checking In with the GEMM Initiative

OPN talks with three scientists involved in an Optica-led effort that puts optical sensors to work in the battle against both local pollution and global climate change.

Career Focus
Interviewing and Working in a (Post-)Pandemic World

In an age of rapid change, effective engagement with others—whether in person or remotely—requires being mindful of the fundamentals.

Market Report
Healthy Companies, Scarce Workers

Optics and photonics companies are reporting strong profit margins—but worker shortages may hold back growth.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
From the Hospital

Optical and photonic technology draws from many different disciplines—and finds applications across society.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Virtual reality; optical coherence tomography; Max Planck.

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Wyant named 2022 Ives Medal winner / Optica Fellow stories / NAE inductees / Engineers Week / Wolf Prize winners / Aspect is 2022 Honorary Member / Year of Glass / Advancing women and girls in science Remembering Greivenkamp / Thank you, editors and volunteers

Optica Foundation
Thank You, Optica Foundation Donors!

The Optica Foundation recognizes and fosters excellence in the next generation of the field. 

After Image
Europium-Doped Glass

A germanate glass sample doped with europium. When illuminated with invisible UV light, the europium atoms absorb this radiation and emit red light—making the invisible visible.