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A Virtual IDL

Plans for the 2020 International Day of Light were in full swing when the pandemic put the world on pause—but the celebration of light science continued, thanks to some creative online outreach.

Navigating Terahertz Spectrum via Photomixing

Photomixers, including recent designs based on plasmonics, can combine tunability, power and room-temperature operation in both THz transmitters and receivers, for applications in 5G communications, astronomy and more.

by Shang-Hua Yang and Mona Jarrahi
Lighting with Lasers

Diode laser technology has opened doors for new approaches to illumination—both directional and general—that could challenge LEDs.

by Faiz Rahman

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Phonons for light storage / Optical nanomixer / Bionic corals manage light / ICESat-2 / Silicon lights up / MicroLED patents surge / Self-cleaning aluminum / Super-fast camera / Energy from shadows / Imaging oxidative stress

A Photonics Playground

Silicon photonics is revolutionizing the Datacom industry, compelling educators to modernize the way this technology is taught to the next generation of engineers.

Career Focus
How (and How Not) to Acquire a Mentor

The mentor–mentee relationship can’t be forced; it must develop organically. A former OSA President shares advice for cultivating this bond.

OIDA Market Report
Forecasting During a Pandemic

A look at how the optics and photonics industry is weathering the economic effects of the pandemic, and expectations for the rest of the year.

Looking Beyond 5G

Even as 5G wireless moves into the mainstream, technologists are already looking ahead to the next generation—6G, expected to come on stream in the 2030s. Here's a look at some of the use cases and data-driven needs for wireless technology that will push the expansion to 6G communications.

Then and Now
Surface Plasmon Resonance

An anomalous interaction between light and a metal surface, discovered in the early 20th century, was eventually harnessed for a hugely successful biosensor.


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President's Message
Embracing Change

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Modems; multilayer film; laser-based weather control.

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OSA Fellow stories / Honors for Lipson and Odom / Riza joins the RIA / Societies fund future technicians / All-virtual CLEO / Remembering Bill Shiner / Sharing optics / Thank you, editors and volunteers