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December 2019 Issue

Feature Articles

Optics in 2019

This special issue of Optics & Photonics News highlights exciting peer-reviewed optics research that has emerged over the past year. 

Winners of OPN's 2019 Photo Contest

Congratulations to the winners of OPN’s 14th annual After Image photo contest.

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

Nanophotonic imager / Ultra-slow flows / Quantum record / Ancient bones / ASML EUV orders advance / Smart LEDs / Nanotweezers / Light teaches birds to sing

A Quarter-Century of Optical Network Research

A pioneering research group in optical communications celebrates its 25th anniversary—and looks at the road ahead.

Optics Innovations
Taking Hyperspectral Imaging Global

Norwegian HSI company HySpex is supplying a worldwide market with turnkey solutions to complex problems.

Some Inspiration for Future Professors

A recently published book by Anna Garry explores the experiences and accomplishments of 23 women professors.

Optics in 2020 & Beyond

Each December, OPN looks at interesting research results of the past year. But what about the year ahead? We asked several contributors to our "Optics in 2019" feature for thoughts on areas that might advance in 2020.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
Wrapping Up a Presidential Year

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Optical learning machine; Bose-Einstein condesate; far-field lensing.

OSA Update
News from the Society

OSA at RIAO OPTILAS / ICO-25 / OSA Fellow stories / UA honors Rolland-Thompson / 5G Summit / OSA at NIST/JILA / Optics outreach / GEMM initiative opens first center / Thank you, editors and volunteers