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Toward an All-Optical Biopsy

Combining multiple photonic imaging techniques could allow for new, noninvasive approaches to tumor detection and assessment, meeting clinical challenges at a time of rising global cancer incidence.

by Tobias Meyer, Michael Schmitt, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius and Jürgen Popp
Polarization-Resolved Microscopy in the Life Sciences

Using light polarization as an additional degree of freedom in microscopy can provide new insights into molecular organization.

by Sophie Brasselet
Quantum Effects in Biology

Photonic techniques are uncovering evidence that life’s evolutionary toolkit just might include quantum coherence, tunneling and entanglement.

by Stewart Wills

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Blowing Up Brains to See Their Circuitry / Bird’s-Eye View / Chip Ghost Imaging / AR Coating for Plastic Optics / Beaming Sound to an Ear / U.K. Group to Set Up 16 AI Centers / Lightmatter Has $33M in Funding / Quantum Dots Track Insects / AntBot Navigates Without GPS

Cancer: A Growing Global Concern

Global data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer shows 18.1 million new cases and 9.6 million cancer deaths in 2018. Here we look at rates for the most prevalent types of cancer. For more on the role of optics in early cancer detection, which can significantly improve survival rates, see this month’s cover story.

Seeing Women’s Health in a New Light

A global health center is aiming to empower women through the design of biophotonic technologies.

Checking In with Photomedicine

A postdoctoral researcher in biomedical optics shares what she’s been working on since becoming the first recipient of the OSA Foundation’s Thomas Deutsch Fellowship.

OIDA Market Report
Seasonal Variation in Optics and Photonics Revenues

Reflecting on first quarter revenues as a predictor for the rest of the year.

Then and Now
From Threading Light Through Fiber to Modern Medicine

The historical journey of optical-fiber imaging.


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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Birth of a pulsar; retinal scanning; the International Liquid Mirror Telescope.

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Connie Chang-Hasnain Attends OSK Winter Meeting / OSC Renamed in Wyant’s Honor / OSA Fellow Stories / Elizabeth Rogan Signs Human Rights Declaration for OSA / Celebrating the International Day of Women and Girls in Science / OSA Award Winners / López-Mariscal Named Public Policy Council Chair / OIDA at Photonics West / Thank You, Editors and Volunteers