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Special Issue: European Photonics

This month, OPN throws the spotlight on the dynamic environment for photonics in Europe—a leader both in photonic science and in recognition of that science’s power to drive regional progress and economic growth.


The E.U. and its member states have embarked on a research journey with an ambitious goal: to make Europe a powerhouse on the emerging global landscape of quantum technology.

by Stewart Wills
Brexit: Two Years Later

As the deadline for the U.K.’s exit from the European Union looms, uncertainty still clouds the possible impact on the photonics market.

by Mark Crawford
From Venice to the Dutch Republic

The early-17th-century Netherlands, benefiting from dynamic and robust socioeconomic development, was at the forefront of early optics progress—an effort that involved both luminaries and less-known contributors.

by Catalin Florea

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Research and Industry News

Chameleon-inspired tunable nanolaser; broadband spectral cloaking; mapping Yellowstone; image-free ghost cytometry; rainbow from two IR beams; AR glass targets broader FOV; Luminate names first winners; microbead lasers; green energy from bacteria; glass-polymer mashup.

Photonics for Health & Earth

As part of this month’s special issue on photonics in Europe, here we look at some ways photonics could help solve major challenges facing Europe and the world by 2030, as outlined in a vision document by the European technology platform Photonics21.

Securing the Future for European Photonics

Photonics21 executive board members Roberta Ramponi and Giorgio Anania speak to the importance of academic and industrial collaboration.

Integrating Photonics into Fab Labs

An ambitious project teams up local photonics organizations with creative facilities to promote European photonics innovation.

OSA’s Face in Europe

OSA welcomes Yann Amouroux as the society’s first director in Europe.

Reflections in Diversity
GENERA: Toward Equity in Physics

A European consortium aims to increase the presence of talented women in physics by monitoring and improving gender equity initiatives.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
Raising Awareness of Science’s Value

OSA support for member-led advocacy has had some stunning successes. 

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Prophecies of handheld digital assistants in 1988; Scottish optoelectronics in 1998; and a look at the history of lighting in 2008.

Optical Feedback
Perspectives on 70 Years of OSA Membership

OSA’s longest-standing active member reflects on the changes in optics and photonics over the past 70 years.

OSA Update
News from the Society

Anniversary celebrations for SEDOPTICA and MPL; ICL Centenary Chronicle; 10 millionth U.S. patent; honors to Corkum and Keller; 2018 Bonenfant scholarship; OSA Fellows stories; OSAF and Lockheed Martin Student Grand Challenge; LGBT+STEM; Innovation School; thank you, editors and volunteers.

OSA Financials
OSA Financial Report

Summary of OSA financial statements from the past year.