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Light Served with a Twist

The insight of a classic study on optical orbital angular momentum, published a quarter-century ago, continues to resonate in new approaches to structuring, controlling and leveraging light beams.

by Sonja Franke-Arnold and Neal Radwell
Infrared Yellowstone

Eruptions of boiling geysers; silent, bubbling hot springs; turbulent, hot outflows mixing into cold rivers—the breathtaking thermal features of Yellowstone National Park become both art and science when observed with close-up infrared thermal imaging.

by Joseph A. Shaw, Paul W. Nugent, Wilson Harris and Michael Vollmer
2017 OSA Awards and Medals

Congratulations to the recipients of OSA’s prestigious awards and medals. These distinguished individuals are here recognized for outstanding service, education, research, technical, business and leadership accomplishments.

by Meredith Smith, Kari Apter and Zsanai Epps

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Research and Industry News

X-ray sensing at the nanoscale; more secure handheld devices; illuminating “The Dress”; new European research fab; U.S.-China solar connection; how well can honey bees see?

Difficult Times for Turkish Science

Turkey’s efforts to become a scientific powerhouse have weakened with the uncertainty brought on by conflict between its secular and Muslim traditions.

Behind the Scenes with John Schwartzman

OPN talks with a Hollywood cinematographer about the role of optics in his work thus far, and how it will continue to influence his work in the future.

Optics Innovations
Honing in on Hyperspectral Imaging

A U.S.-based company is making the burgeoning technology accessible on a global scale.

Bringing AR to the Masses

Widespread consumer adoption of augmented reality, a leader says, will hinge both on photonics-driven advances in eyewear and on exploring “the human side of the equation.”

Member News
Standing Up for Science

OSA members and staff joined tens of thousands worldwide in the March for Science on 22 April 2017.

Lidar: Uncovering Lost Cities

With the aid of drones and light detection and ranging (lidar) technology, researchers are uncovering new insights on ancient civilizations.


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Making the Case for Science

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Johnson named SUNY chancellor; OSA members named to RSE; honors for Ozcan and Richards-Kortum; LIGO leaders recognized by NAS.