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Optics in 2013: Medical Optics

Nondestructive ways to study processes from blood flow to neural activity.

Eye Biometry Using Quantitatve 3-D OCT

Sergio Ortiz, Pablo PĂ©rez-Merino and Susana Marcos

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Fast and Affordable Diffuse Optical Deep-Tissue Flowmetry

Kijoon Lee, Renzhe Bi and Jing Dong

3-D Light Patterns for Spine-Targeted Probing of Neuronal Function

Mary Ann Go, Christian Stricker, Steve Redman, Hans-A Bachor and Vincent R. Daria

Non-Scanning Multimode Beam Led to Optogenetic Stimulation

Kamal Dhakal, Ling Gu, Bryan J. Black and Samarendra K. Mohanty

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Publish Date: 01 December 2013

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