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Optics in 2013: Quantum Optics

Interaction between photons and long-range dipole-like interactions.

Observing Anderson Co-Localization of Entangled Photon Pairs

A.F. Abouraddy, D.N. Christodoulides, L.A. Martin, B.E.A. Saleh, G. Di Giuseppe, F. Dreisow, R. Keil, S. Nolte, A. Perez-Leija and A. Szameit

Quantum Nonlinear Optics: Strongly Interacting Photons

O. Firstenberg, M.D. Lukin, T. Peyronel, Q.-Y. Liang, V. Vuletic, A.V. Gorshkov , S. Hofferberth and T. Pohl

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Publish Date: 01 December 2013

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