Feature Articles

Remote sensing of stratospheric aerosol following the eruption of El Chichón

Several volcanic eruptions in the previous live years have injected material into the stratosphere, although none has been the magnitude of El Chichón.

by G.S. Kent and M.P. McCormick
ICO to play greater role in optics standards

This month's column will review several unrelated standards matters that have come to our attention. First, at the last meeting of the International Commission on Optics (ICO), a policy statement was made that the ICO should play a greater role in bringing its expertise to bear on the formulation of standards in the optics field. To this end, an effort will be made to circulate ISO draft standards proposals through ICO channels for comments and suggestions. In addition, Lionel Baker at SIRA Ltd., Chislehurst, Kent BR7 5EH, England, and myself have been nominated as liaisons between ISO and ICO. We would welcome your thoughts on improving communications between the two organizations.

by Robert E. Parks
Homo ludens opticus The Magic Optical Kit

Giving students optical elements to play around with encourages them to try to explore the world of optics on their own.

by Pal Greguss and Emo Rubik