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Entrepreneurs to Watch 2023: The Interviews

“Entrepreneurs to Watch” 2023 Q&As

  • 21 June: Andrew Ponec/Antora Energy
  • 28 June: Claudia Hössbacher/Polariton Technologies
  • 05 July: Christian Reimer/Hyperlight
  • 12 July: Zak Niazi/Circle Optics
  • 19 July: Stephanie Simmons/Photonic Inc.
  • 26 July: Carlos Abellan/Quside
  • 2 August: Rob Devlin/Metalenz Inc.
  • 7 August: Geethanjali Radhakrishnan/Adiuvo Diagnostics
  • 11 August: Haider Zia/Superlight Photonics
  • 15 August: Eric Ingram/SCOUT Space

In its July/August 2023 issue, Optics & Photonics News proudly presents the latest installment of its biennial “Entrepreneurs to Watch” feature, in which we profile 10 entrepreneurs and the optics and photonics enterprises they're building.

Through the month of August 2023, we'll be periodically posting edited versions of our interviews with this interesting group of visionaries—whose ideas range from thermophotovoltaic energy to integrated photonics and quantum technology to optically enabled point-of-care diagnostics and space-traffic management.

Eric Ingram photo

Eric Ingram

SCOUT Space is combining optics and machine learning to keep tabs on an increasingly important and crowded ecosystem: Earth orbit.. [17 August 2023]

Haider Zia portrait

Haider Zia

The founder and managing director of Superlight Photonics talks about creating low-power supercontinuum lasers. [14 August 2023]

Geethanjali Radhakrishnan photo

Geethanjali Radhakrishnan

The founder and CEO of Adiuvo Diagnostics is using multispectral imaging to improve wound care in low-resource settings. [09 August 2023]

Rob Devlin photo

Rob Devlin

The cofounder and CEO of Metalenz is working to bring metasurface technology to the commercial sphere. [02 August 2023]

Carlos Abellan photo

Carlos Abellan

The cofounder and CEO of Quside believes quantum physics holds the key to meeting the growing need for truly random numbers. [26 July 2023]

Stephanie Simmons photo

Stephanie Simmons

The founder and chief quantum officer of the deep-tech startup Photonic Inc. talks about the firm’s vision for quantum technology on a silicon platform. [19 July 2023]

Zak Niazi photo

Zak Niazi

The founder and CEO of Circle Optics says its “stitchless” 360-degree multi-camera system has applications in fields from defense to entertainment. [12 July 2023]

Christian Reimer photo

Christian Reimer

A cofounder of HyperLight chats with OPN about the company’s vision for thin-film lithium-niobate chips, and about his own entrepreneurial journey. [05 July 2023]

Claudia Hoessbacher photo

Claudia Hössbacher

The CEO and cofounder of Polariton Technologies discusses adding plasmonics to the integrated-photonics platform. [28 June 2023]

Andrew Ponec photo

Andrew Ponec

The cofounder and CEO of Antora Energy is putting physics and thermophotovoltaic technology to work toward decarbonizing heavy industry. [21 June 2023]

Publish Date: 21 June 2023

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