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Celebrating LightDay 2023

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The International Day of Light, observed annually on 16 May, is a unique opportunity to celebrate the incredible ways that light science impacts people’s lives. To commemorate the day, OPN has put together several stories from the past year that showcase the experience of working in optics, and how light science is driving advances across applications in health care, environment, information technology and more.

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  • Research News

    Energy-Efficient Bitcoin Mining through Light

    Experiment demonstrates the potential of a new laser-based cryptographic scheme. [03 May 2023]
  • Breaking Barriers, Advancing Optics

    OPN highlights the careers and perspectives of six Black trailblazers in optics and photonics.

    [01 May 2023]
  • Fifty Years of Fiber Solitons

    The study of temporal solitons has revolutionized fiber optics, yielded new classes of ultrafast laser and opened multiple interdisciplinary applications.

    [01 May 2023]
  • Conversations

    Light at the End of the Tunnel

    SESAME beamline scientist Gihan Kamel talks with OPN about the synchrotron facility and what it means for the Middle East.

    [01 May 2023]
  • Use Photonics. Find a Solution. Change the World.

    The Optica Foundation Challenge enables early-career optics researchers to pursue high-impact ideas.

    [01 April 2023]
  • Careers

    Can Art Help Scientific Pursuit?

    Artist and biologist Callie Chappell explores the career benefits of bringing artistic expression to scientific research. [31 March 2023]
  • Subsea Fiber: Into the Deep

    Scientists and engineers are hard at work finding ways to boost the capacity of submarine fiber networks—and to press the fiber into extra service for global environmental sensing.

    [01 March 2023]
  • Industry

    Staffing the Quantum Revolution

    How should the emerging quantum technology industry educate and train its future workforce?

    [01 March 2023]
  • Wanted: Optics and Photonics Technicians

    The optics community continues to wrestle with a shortage of skilled technical workers for labs and shop floors—a decades-long problem that could hold back the industry’s growth.

    [01 February 2023]
  • Photonic Computing for Sale

    Companies are increasingly being set up to commercialize optical processors—a technology with huge potential benefits, as well as some sticking points.

    [01 January 2023]
  • Profile

    The Art of Discovery

    Imaging scientists at the US National Gallery of Art are building an optical toolkit for investigating masterpieces ancient and modern.

    [01 January 2023]
  • Conversations

    Building the Optics for Laser Fusion

    OPN talks with Tayyab Suratwala of the US National Ignition Facility about how optical innovation helped drive NIF’s recent, landmark result. [19 December 2022]
  • Then and Now

    Evolution of Eyeglasses

    The story of eyeglasses is a far-flung tale spanning centuries. Here are a few milestones in the shaping of optical materials to assist human vision.

    [01 December 2022]
  • Profile

    From Nonlinear Optical Imaging to Pulse Oximeters

    The PROBE Lab of Optica Fellow Kimani Toussaint Jr. leverages interdisciplinary expertise to tackle wide-ranging problems.

    [01 November 2022]
  • The Quest for Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring 

    Countless research groups have tried to invent a noninvasive glucose sensor and ultimately failed. Can a new generation of optics technologies provide a path to success?

    [01 October 2022]
  • Optics & Art

    In a new feature, OPN highlights works by eight artists inspired by light—and its ability to transform the world around us.

    [01 July 2022]
  • Conversations

    Advancing Trust in Science

    The chair of the International Day of Light (IDL) steering committee urges action to stem misinformation and mistrust in science—and to improve scientists’ abilities to communicate with the public at large.

    [01 September 2021]
  • International Day of Light

    On 16 May, Light Science Shines

    UNESCO has officially declared 16 May as the International Day of Light. OPN spoke with John Dudley, who spearheaded this initiative, about his vision for the annual event.

    [01 May 2018]

Publish Date: 16 May 2023

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