Feature Articles

Laser Systems In The Automotive Industry

Roessler and Coady examine the role of lasers in automotive materials processing and microelectronics manufacturing.

by David M. Roessler and Michael G. Coady
Laser Seam Tracking For Robotic Arc Welding

Noruk & Lefebvre discuss the benefits of lasers for seam tracking and describe how to assess if such a system would improve production.

by Jeffrey Noruk and Richard R. Lefebvre
Lens Design Patents: The View From Court-Space

Gortych provides an overview of the patent system and reviews court cases involving lens design patents.

Arachnids On The Web

Computers have always been susceptible to various kinds of insects and parasites. Computer programs contain bugs, or programming errors, which are bad. They can also house worms, which are unpleasant, or even computer viruses, which can be very damaging. Now the Internet itself has become infested with "web crawlers," spider-like programs that creep around the World Wide Web gathering and digesting electronic information — but these new computer arachnids can be very good for you and your research.

by A.E. Siegman