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Optics in Art

In a biennial feature, OPN highlights works by eight artists inspired by light—and its ability to transform the world around us.

by Alessia H. Kirkland
Monitoring Methane to Curb Climate Change

Satellites, aircraft and ground-based systems equipped with optics and photonics technologies pinpoint major sources of methane to help implement solutions that reduce emissions.

by Meeri Kim
Socially Acceptable AR Glasses: Are We There Yet?

An Optica incubator meeting explored the role of optical waveguides in developing compact, comfortable and natural eyewear for augmented reality.

by Kai-Han Chang, Ali Özgür Yöntem and Kaan Akşit

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Research and Industry News

Blurred tomography / Purple signatures for alien life / MIR nanoscopy / Solar thermal energy / Sound system for quantum memory / Spectroscopy identifies illegal ivory / Industry news

Biosensing and Bioimaging with Nanophotonics

At the Optica Sensing Congress, Hatice Altug will discuss the latest developments in nanophotonics for applications in the life sciences and biomedicine.

Market Report
Integrated Photonics: The Cost of Commercialization

Photonic integrated circuits are promising for many applications, but high front- and back-end costs present challenges to wide adoption.


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President's Message
Societal Climate Change

Changes in society affect everyone, including scientists.

Looking Back
30, 20 and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Fiber lasers for materials processing; ultrashort pulses for biology; the 2-μm fiber laser market.

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Cutting-edge CLEO / Hua named Jean M. Bennett Optica Endowed Chair / Optica Fellow stories / Optica Women Scholars Conference / Coherent supports DEI / Optics outreach in Ghana / Linear drive optics / Quantum on Capitol Hill / Thank you, editors and congress chairs

In Memoriam
Joseph A. Izatt, 1962–2024

Remembering a brilliant engineer whose kindness and humility set him apart.

Optica Elections
Optica Election for 2025 Offices

Review the candidates for Optica's 2025 Vice President and Directors-at-Large election.

After Image
Light Sheet Meets Turbulence

Green fire: A light sheet generated with a laser passes through a turbulent flow of humid air.