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September 2023 Issue

Feature Articles

Illuminating Wildfire Risk

As climate change increases the frequency and intensity of wildfires, optics is helping researchers better understand the threats—and reduce the impacts.

by Meeri Kim
The Birth of Picophotonics

Picometer-scale events in the nanoworld can be monitored with topologically structured light, while light-induced interactions and picometric movements can underpin time crystals—a new form of functional photonic material.

by Nikolay I. Zheludev and Kevin F. MacDonald

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Research and Industry News

UV machine vision / Noninvasive embyro screening / Long-distance QKD / Photonic radar monitors vitals / Glass nanoprinting / A world on fire / “Janus” heat cloak / Industry news

A World on Fire

A 2022 United Nations report warned of the potential for considerable increases in the intensity and range of wildfires by the end of this century as temperatures rise. Here we look at some of those predictions. 

Optics Innovations
The Evolution of Street Lighting Analysis

European companies Photo Analytical and TechnoTeam are working to combine real-time luminance and geolocation data to make roadways safer.

Fostering Industry Connections

Optica’s Photonic Devices Industry Summit at ficonTEC will offer companies opportunities for networking and growth.

“It’s Going to Stay Exciting”

OPN talks with Wilhelm Kaenders about the 50th anniversary of LASER World of Photonics, his own company’s 25th birthday and the road ahead for the laser business.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
Rethinking the Toolkit for Equity in Education

Diversity and equity make the world better—and make our science and technology richer.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Diversity in STEM; optical thin film coatings; Tingye Li.

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Congressional Fellows / Siegman School / Optica Fellow stories / Innovation School / Falling Walls Science Summit / Advanced Photonics Congress / Nonlinear Optics Topical Meeting / Technical Group prizes

Optica Financials
Optica Financial Report

Summary of Optica’s 2022 financial statements.

After Image
Laser Diffraction Spikes

A comet-like green laser beam passes through a Ti:Sapphire crystal, leaving beautiful diffraction spikes in its path.