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Fifty Years of Fiber Solitons

The study of temporal solitons has revolutionized fiber optics, yielded new classes of ultrafast laser and opened multiple interdisciplinary applications.

by John M. Dudley, Christophe Finot, Goëry Genty and Roy Taylor
Breaking Barriers, Advancing Optics

OPN highlights the careers and perspectives of six Black trailblazers in optics and photonics.

by OPN Staff
The Race to Electronic Photography

A participant in some of the Kodak Research Lab’s early efforts in CCD-based imaging shares a view of the company’s contribution to the development of digital cameras. 

by Richard K. Ahrenkiel

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Research and Industry News

Throwing and catching single atoms / Monitoring heart rates / Boost for perovskite / “Cold” electrons to X-rays / Trapping nanoplastics / STEM education and workforce / Cuttlefish-like vision / Industry news

STEM Education & Workforce

A recent US National Science Foundation report shows both STEM education and employment have diversified over the past decade, yet underrepresentation is still present.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

SESAME beamline scientist Gihan Kamel talks with OPN about the synchrotron facility and what it means for the Middle East.

Guiding Light with Light

Howard Milchberg’s lab is working on atmospheric waveguides that could someday direct megawatt-scale beams across kilometer-scale distances.

Making Raman Imaging Faster

An approach that dramatically boosts the technique’s speed could eventually open clinical uses.


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President's Message
Striving for Diversity in STEM

We need to make science and engineering welcoming to all.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Forensic optics; mode-locked lasers; plasmonic communications

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

OFC makes waves in San Diego / Members named AAAS Fellows / Online fiber-sensing industry meeting / Light Conversations / Black and Hispanic student leaders gather / Level Up /Remembering Paul L. Kelley / Optica Fellow stories / CLEO 2023 / Thank you, editors and volunteers

After Image
Axicon Light

A diffractive axicon under LED illumination produces a system of colorful rings that form nearly Bessel beams.