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October 2021 Issue

Feature Articles

The Story of Optica

A century-old society adopts a new name and brand—and looks ahead to the next 100 years.

by OPN Staff
Entrepreneurs to Watch

In a new feature, OPN throws the spotlight on a selection of creative scientists and engineers—and the enterprises they’re building.

by OPN Staff
Hearing the Light

Through optogenetics and new medical devices, optical stimulation of the auditory nerve could improve on current hearing-restoration technology, affording better speech recognition and perception of music.

by Tobias Moser, Daniel Keppeler, Christian Goßler and Ulrich T. Schwarz

Departments and Columns

Research and Industry News

Wearable UV sensors / Mid-IR imaging with a CCD / Syncing up atomic clocks / Ultrafast 5D imaging / Space–time quantum metasurfaces / Toward a hydrogen economy / Mass-market AR prospects / Faces of Optica / Lower-energy e-displays / Automating OCT

The Faces of Optica

To celebrate the extraordinary global diversity of our community, renowned portrait photographer Sam Barker has taken a series of portraits of Optica members. Visit to view the full gallery.

Career Focus
A Scientist Abroad

When cultural heritage meets international collaboration and science.

Market Report
Sizing Up Optics and Photonics

Optica’s Tom Hausken looks at estimates of the industry’s growth—and why such estimates matter.


Also in this Issue

President's Message
Welcome to Optica!

This month I have the pleasure of welcoming you to Optica, the new name for our society.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Optical remote sensing of the atmosphere; magnetorheological finishing; scattering technology

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Oximeters for COVID / Siegman School / GEMM summit / Optica Fellow stories / Meeting roundup / Virtual FiO+LS / DEI developments / Creative Zoom / Remembering Jane Simmons / Thanks, editors and volunteers

Optica Foundation
Thank You to Our Donors

The Optica Foundation recognizes and fosters excellence in the next generation of the field.

After Image
Creating Art with Fruit

Striped pattern reflected in surface of milk with a few wild berries.