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Toward Non-Line-of-Sight Videography

Seeing objects hidden from sight, in real time, could significantly expand humanity’s ability to explore the unknown.

by Xiaohua Feng and Liang Gao
Optical Coherence Refraction Tomography

Combining principles of computed tomography with modern machine-learning tools significantly improves OCT’s resolution while extending imaging depth, reducing noise and reconstructing refractive-index maps of biological samples.

by Kevin C. Zhou, Sina Farsiu and Joseph A. Izatt
Hyperspectral Lidar: A Progress Report

Laser-scanning instruments that allow hyperspectral and spatial data to be collected in a single shot could improve remote sensing in a wide range of applications.

by Sanna Kaasalainen and Tuomo Malkamäki

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Toward a graphene laser / Ultrahigh-definition volumetric display / Boosting LED efficiency / Hybrid perovskite-silicon solar cells / Measuring quantum entanglement dimension / LED streetlights could harm insects / Luminate 2021 winners / UK invests in laser weapons / Women and authorship disputes

Toward High-Throughput, On-Chip Fluorescence Microscopy

OPN gets a project update from Niels Verellen, a physicist at imec who’s designing a chip-scale microscope that could find applications in high-throughput gene sequencing and other areas.

Light Touch
The First 3D Movies

Uncovering a technology mash-up from the earliest days of motion pictures.


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President's Message
Enabling Personal Interactions

Optica aims to support members’ desire to interact and network with our global community.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Optics in Desert Storm; Young’s wave theory; the Webb telescope.

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Launching Optica in South Africa / Optica at ECOC / 2021 Forman Award winners / UArizona Grand Challenges building / Ye wins Breakthrough Prize / Women in industry / Optica presidents visit headquarters / Optica Fellow stories / Leibinger awards / Immersivetechnologies incubator meeting / Thank you, editors and volunteers

After Image
Phase-Shifted Interferograms

Phase-shifted interferograms that were captured with a four-phase optical coherence microscopy setup.