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Rise of the Robots

As robots enter our world, they must become aware of their surroundings. Optics and photonics will play a key role.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Toward a Thinking Microscope

Convolutional neural networks and deep learning can boost the capabilities of standard optical microscopes to levels comparable to those of some higher-end imaging systems.

by Yair Rivenson and Aydogan Ozcan
Machine Vision: The Eyes of Industry 4.0

Machine-learning algorithms embedded in advanced CMOS cameras are creating smart imaging systems that can replace human vision and decisions in the “fourth industrial revolution.”

by Valerie C. Coffey

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Real-time 3-D physiological imaging; LIBS on a floating droplet; exploring current-carrying bacteria; flexible membrane lasers; using plasmonic loss to gain functionality; lidar market growth; OIDA Executive Forum investigates VR/AR.

Robot Ready

Preparing for an AI and robotic future requires investments in education and innovation. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has compiled an Automation Readiness Index—a 25-country comparison of government-led efforts to shape outcomes of technological progress. Here’s a look at a few of EIU’s findings, and some observations from the consulting firm McKinsey & Co. (For more on the rise of the robot, check out this month’s feature articles.)

The Current Landscape of Free-Space Optical Networks

OPN talks with a U.S. Naval Research Laboratory senior research engineer about the potential applications for free-space optics technology, as well as the stumbling blocks that still remain.

Optical Careers in Robotics and AI

How does one leverage an optical background into a job in these thriving, rapidly evolving industries?

OIDA Market Report
How Optics Enables AI

Co-designing optics and AI technologies for optics-enabled applications is an exciting new prospect.

International Day of Light
When Art Met Science

OSA celebrated IDL 2018 by co-sponsoring an immersive art exhibit.


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Kicking off the IDL; Women in Photonics workshop; OSA Fellow Member stories; honors to four Fellows; Carol Monaghan is 2018 Advocate of Optics; thank you, editors and volunteers.