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Optogenetics: Controlling Neurons with Photons

An advancing field of neuroscience uses light to understand how the brain works and to create new tools to treat disease.

by Valerie C. Coffey
Multiscale Photoacoustic Tomography

Photoacoustic tomography can bridge microscopic insights and macroscopic observations, providing imaging over a range of spatial scales—from organelles and cells to tissues, small animals and human organs.

by Lei Li, Li Lin and Lihong V. Wang
Optical Tweezers Bring Micromachines to Biology

Optical tweezers, using focused laser beams to manipulate objects on the nano- and microscale, allow exploration of a world of curiosities at the borderline between physics and biology.

by I.A. Favre-Bulle, S. Zhang, A.V. Kashchuk, I.C.D. Lenton, L.J. Gibson, A.B. Stilgoe, T.A. Nieminen and H. Rubinsztein-Dunlop

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Keeping radio telescopes in sync; optogenetic brain stimulation; a topological-insulator laser; assessing heart tissue; laser-driven micro-engine; boosting the sensitivity of NMR; prioritizing U.S. Science Research; Europe’s photonics vision.

Investing in the Brain

This month’s cover story looks at optogenetics, a field of neuroscience helping to advance our understanding of the differences between the healthy and diseased brain. As the world population ages, knowledge of neurodegenerative diseases is becoming increasingly important. Countries around the world are investing large sums of money to develop new technologies toward a lifelong healthy brain—but much more is needed.

Beyond Borders
Building a Photonics Cluster—From Scratch

The ambitious Mexican Photonics Initiative finds a home for its proposed industry hub.

Career Focus
Taking Control of Your Job Search

Alan E. Willner advocates for an “ABC” approach to job hunting that maximizes opportunity and minimizes regret.

Examining Illumination Optics

A recent OSA Incubator Meeting brought representatives of the entire illumination value creation chain together to talk about where the field is headed.


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Urbasi Sinha wins ICO/ICTP award; Optical Society of Korea meeting; thank you, editors; Bennett joins the Florida Institute of Technology; OSA Fellow member stories; encouraging young scientists; IONS 2018 locations announced; March for Science 2018; thank you, volunteers.