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The Optics Workforce: Looking to the Future

Do concerns about job-killing robots and the uncertainties of the “gig economy” extend to optics and photonics?

by Patricia Daukantas
Freeform Optics: Notes from the Revolution

Driven by advances in theory, computational speed, and design and fabrication ingenuity, freeform surfaces continue to make inroads in a range of applications.

by Stewart Wills
Opening a Path to Commercialization

To smooth the academic-to-industry transition, one institution is experimenting with offering biomedical researchers pre-commercial open access to new optical imaging systems still under development. The approach, the authors of this case study suggest, can be a win on both sides.

by Teng-Leong Chew, Reed George, Alex Soell and Eric Betzig

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Research and Industry News

Higher-res fiber sensing; holography with a wi-fi router; wider bioimaging palette; recycling waste heat for imaging; wireless insulin control; diving deep to study carbon cycle; China laser market growth; fiber sensing association formed; erasable ink for 3-D printing.

Beyond Borders
IPAC: A Status Report

OPN talks with leaders of a new OSA initiative aimed at supporting photonics in a global, cross-border context.

Reflections in Diversity
A Journey to Equity and Diversity

A look at a New Zealand university’s efforts to make its physics department welcoming and fair to all.

OIDA Market Report
The Paradoxical Passive-Optics Market

Thanks to a wide application space, innovation in passive optics is flourishing despite a complicated market.


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Mazur visits student chapters; OSA at OFS; Congressional Visits Day in the U.S.; thanks to editors and volunteers.