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Meta-Optics with Mie Resonances

Optical magnetic responses and subwavelength localization of light, driven by Mie resonances in high-index nanoparticles, could spur new, breakthrough applications for nanoantennas, nanolasers, highly efficient metasurfaces and ultrafast meta­devices.

by Yuri Kivshar and Andrey Miroshnichenko
Dual-Comb Spectroscopy

Using paired coherent frequency combs for broadband molecular spectroscopy can provide dramatic gains in spectral resolution, sensitivity and data acquisition speed—and may help take the power of frequency comb spectroscopy out of the lab and into the field.

by Takuro Ideguchi
Hello, IRENE: Bringing Old Sounds to Light

Thanks to two optical imaging technologies, long-silent sound recordings of the past will once again resonate for future generations.

by Patricia Daukantas

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SiGe-core and biocompatible fibers; beating Rayleigh's limit; making neutron holograms; nanobionic sensors; light therapy for bees; a molecular selfie; toward better QCL-based sensors; the U.S. election’s aftermath; Rolls-Royce bets on the “smart” vessel market; book reviews.

Zeroing In on Nanolasers

A recent OSA Incubator meeting dug into the principles, challenges, and prospects of lasing at the nanoscale.

OIDA Market Report
There Is No Market for Nanophotonics

But there is a market for the things that nanophotonics does.

Light Touch
Is Brown a Color?

Despite being the color of the earth, it’s taken brown centuries to secure public appreciation.


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