Zeroing In on Nanolasers

Rupert Oulton, Volker Sorger and Renmin Ma

A recent OSA Incubator meeting dug into the principles, challenges, and prospects of lasing at the nanoscale.

figure[Arizona State University]

The quest for ever-smaller lasers has led to some notable recent advances. But how can these advances make their way into real-world applications? That was one topic of an OSA Incubator meeting, “Science and Applications of Nanolasers,” held in Washington, D.C., in September 2016. OPN talked with the meeting’s organizers—Rupert Oulton of Imperial College London, U.K.; Volker Sorger of George Washington University, USA; and Renmin Ma of Peking University, China—about some of the insights that came out of it.

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