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Celebrating World Quantum Day 2023

14 April 2023 marks the second annual World Quantum Day—a grassroots initiative by an international network of quantum scientists, engineers, technologists and others to boost public understanding of quantum science and technology and their transformative impact on society. To celebrate the day, OPN offers a selection of recent articles and news stories that provide a taste of quantum’s remarkable breadth and promise.


  • Industry

    Staffing the Quantum Revolution

    How should the emerging quantum technology industry educate and train its future workforce?

    [01 March 2023]
  • Industry News

    Sizing Up the Quantum Market

    Study from Yole Intelligence sees particular growth in quantum-computing segment to 2030 and beyond, driven by expansion of “quantum as a service.” [24 February 2023]
  • Research News

    Nobel Prize Recognizes Entanglement Pioneers

    The 2022 physics prize goes to John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger, who put nonlocal entanglement of photons on a solid footing as a resource for quantum technology. [04 October 2022]
  • How to Span the Quantum Gap

    Building continental-scale quantum communications links is an arduous task, but scientists believe they have the technology in hand.

    [01 April 2022]
  • Entanglement Levels Up

    Extending a key resource of quantum technology, entanglement—either by having more than two quantum objects or using “qudits” instead of “qubits”—offers prospects for improvements in quantum communications, computation and other technologies.

    [01 January 2022]
  • Industry News

    Building a “Quantum Ecosystem” in Europe

    Experts in quantum science, technology and business development discuss the importance of collaboration, a strong “deal flow,” and the nurturing of entrepreneurship. [19 October 2021]
  • Conversations

    Harnessing Attosecond Quantum Technologies

    Exploring the quantum physics underlying high-harmonic light sources and the exquisite control it provides.

    [01 May 2021]
  • Industry

    Becoming a Quantum Ambassador

    An OSAF fellowship winner discusses her career journey and the launch of a platform that prepares quantum workers and recruits them for industry jobs.

    [01 October 2020]
  • Unlocking the Power of Quantum Encryption

    Quantum technology poses a growing threat to online security. But it also provides a solution.

    [01 September 2020]
  • Market Report

    Quantum Photonics Roadmap

    A surveylooks at the current state of the quantum photonics market and provides insight on how commercialization may advance.

    [01 April 2020]
  • Supreme or Unproven?

    Despite much recent fanfare, quantum computers still need to show that they can do something useful.

    [01 March 2020]
  • Single-Photon Sources

    Exploring and extending the promise of quantum technologies requires the ability to work with single quantum objects—especially photons. Here’s a look at the range of single-photon-source technologies available, and how and where they work.

    [01 September 2019]
  • Quantum Sensors: A Revolution in the Offing?

    New measuring devices exploit the extreme sensitivity of quantum states—but making them practical is a challenge.

    [01 September 2019]
  • Conversations

    Setting America’s Quantum Course

    A White House expert on quantum information science throws light on a recent strategic overview for the discipline—and on where U.S. quantum policy is heading.

    [01 January 2019]

Publish Date: 14 April 2023

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