Feature Articles

Scientific Charge-Coupled Devices: Past, Present, and Future

Janesick and Blouke provide a back-to-basics article on charge-coupled devices and outline their current and potential applications.

by James R. Janesick and Morley Blouke
High Frame Rate Electronic Imaging

Hughes discusses high-speed imagers, their economic and technological impact as well as requirements for high- speed applications.

by Gary Hughes
Charge-Coupled Devices In Infrared Imaging

Mooney describes the quest for a high-temperature infrared imaging device and shows how platinum silicide complements charge-coupled devices in achieving that end.

by Jon Mooney
Consumer Ccds: Masterpieces Of 3-D Integration

The development of CCDs for consumer applications is driven by cost reduction considerations. In this very competitive, high-volume market (over 10 million CCDs per year) the drive is toward an ever lower cost for a CCD camera while maintaining (or even improving) performance and adding extra features.

by Albert J. Theuwissen and Jan T. Bosiers