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Microchip Lasers And Laser Arrays: Technology And Applications

The authors describe a new way to design and manufacture laser systems. They discuss the concept underlying microchip lasers and how these lasers differ from conventional lasers. Several key applications are also covered.

by Aram Mooradian, Kevin Wall, and James Keszenheimer
Laser Applications In The Graphics Industry

Mitchard gives an overview of the graphic arts industry and discusses opportunities for laser technologies.

by Gordon Mitchard
Lasers In Dermatology and Plastic Surgery

Fitzpatrick discusses various lasers and their ability to remove skin lesions. He also describes challenges that must be overcome to improve the laser's acceptance in dermatological applications.

by Richard E. Fitzpatrick, M.D.
Nonimaging Optics An Overview

Winston reviews the history of nonimaging optics and discusses two methods for designing optical elements that push the theoretical limit of light collection.

by Roland Winston

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