“Optics in 2022” Cover Art

For its December 2022 “year in optics” feature, OPN received numerous submissions for cover art.

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1. Asymmetric light control with nonlinear metasurfaces [S. Kruk and Y. Kivshar / Australian National University; Image by Ella Maru Studio]

2. Wavelength multiplexing for quantum networks [H-H. Lu et al. / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Purdue University and SRI International; Image by Y.-Y. Pai]

3. Magnetic-free Si3N4 integrated optical isolator [H. Tian et al. / Purdue University and EPFL; Image by R. Allen and P. Allen, Second Bay Studios]

4. Coupled resonators twist the flow of light [Y. Hu and M. Lončar / Harvard University]

5. 3D zero-order imaging—a new holographic principle [A. Goncharsky et al. / M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University and Moscow Computer Holography Centre]

6. Multimodal handheld intraoral OCT and angiography [H.M. Subhash et al. / Colgate Palmolive and University of Washington Seattle; Image by N. Le and H.M. Subhash]

7. Distributed Brillouin fiber laser sensor [J.B. Murray et al. / US Naval Research Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories; Image by J.B. Murray]

8. Metasurfaces boost color-imaging sensitivity [M. Miyata et al. / NTT Device Technology Laboratories; Image by M. Miyata]

9. Lithium niobate isolators outperform magneto-optics [O.E. Örsel et al. / University of Illinois]

10. Toroidal vortices of light [C. Wan et al. / Univ. of Shanghai for Sci. and Technol., Zhangjiang Lab. and Pusan Natl. Univ.]

11. Two-photon machining of sensors on fiber tips [J. Williams et al. / Air Force Institute of Technology and AFRL, Wright–Patterson AFB]

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Publish Date: 01 March 2023

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