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Subsea Fiber: Into the Deep

Scientists and engineers are hard at work finding ways to boost the capacity of submarine fiber networks—and to press the fiber into extra service for global environmental sensing.

by Susan Curtis
Topology: Photonics on the Edge

Engineering a material’s “topological phase” can enable robust light propagation that’s resistant to material defects—a possibility that’s opening new application domains in quantum photonics, integrated lasers and terahertz waveguides.

by Andrea Blanco-Redondo
François Arago and the Birth of Interferometry

An excerpt from an upcoming book describes how a handful of 19th-century scientists laid the groundwork for one of the key tools of modern optics.

by David D. Nolte

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Nanotech coating / Möbius strips / Cell sorting / Photon emission / Printable solar cells / Photoacoustic patch / Optically pumped nanolasers / Long quantum network / Glassfrogs / Industry news

Toward Reliable, Widely Available Connections

Vodafone Ghana’s CEO Patricia Obo-Nai will speak at the upcoming OFC conference about harnessing digitalization for effective social change.

Light Touch
Raphael’s Tourmaline Tongs

Stephen R. Wilk tells the story of a historical optical tool with a peculiar name.

Staffing the Quantum Revolution

How should the emerging quantum technology industry educate and train its future workforce?

Visualizing Optics
“Optics in 2022” Cover Art

For its December 2022 “year in optics” feature, OPN received numerous submissions for cover art. Which cover would you choose?


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President's Message
The Enduring Value of Conferences

It’s worth reflecting on the value events like OFC continue to provide.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Semiconductor lasers; fiber to the home; quantum networks

Optica in Focus
News from the Society

Medical-device meeting / Fellow stories / Optica Open / Optica community / Foundation recognitions / Optica Ambassadors / Chang Pivoting Fellow / French Physical Society / Career Accelerator / Thank you, editors

In Memoriam
Nick Holonyak Jr., 1928–2022

Remembering the tremendous impact of a scientist who was known for his work in electronics and photonics.

In Memoriam
Byoungho Lee, 1964–2022

Remembering an inspiring leader, educator and engineer who was known for his work on 3D display technologies.

After Image
The Magic of Polarization

Birefringence is created by a randomly crumpled cellophane foil sandwiched between two crossed polarizers. [OPN 2022 After Image Photo Contest]