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Microscopy’s Cutting Edge

More than two decades after its birth, super-resolution microscopy continues to push the boundaries of what can be revealed with light.

by Meeri Kim
Use Photonics. Find a Solution. Change the World.

The Optica Foundation Challenge enables early-career optics researchers to pursue high-impact ideas.

by Karen Kwon
Light as Medicine: Niels Finsen’s Phototherapy

The inventor of the Finsen light made strides in understanding the effects of ultraviolet light in the treatment of disease.

by Stephen R. Wilk

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Research and Industry News

Distortion-free structured light / Hydrogel purifies water / Flying robot / From batteries to photodetectors / X-ray color imaging / Microscopy & the Nobel / Stacking LED pixels / Industry news

Microscopy & the Nobel

A look at the five Nobel Prizes awarded in the area of microscopy. 

Market Report
Growing an Optics and Photonics Economy

Optica’s Tom Hausken writes about what makes a successful economic center.

Optical Barcoding with Nanolasers

Biomedical researcher Seok Hyun (Andy) Yun will give a plenary talk about tracking and collecting data from individual cells at the upcoming Biophotonics Congress.

Then and Now
From the Lab to Space

The idea of using sunlight to generate electricity has been around since the 1800s, but solar cells with a practical level of conversion efficiency arrived only in the 1950s.


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President's Message
The Lure of Big (and Small) Science

Putting science to work toward a better life for all can help build public trust.

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Stamp collecting; optical design of gemstones; optical manipulation

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News from the Society

Optica community / Benjamin Franklin Medal / OSK meeting / BOEx prize / Optica Ambassadors / CHIPS Act / Optica Fellow stories / Women in science / Industrial affiliates / Byer named Honorary Member / TIB agreement / UA Industrial Affiliates / Thank you, editors and volunteers

Optica Foundation
Thank You, Optica Foundation Donors!

The Optica Foundation recognizes and fosters excellence in the next generation.

After Image
Birefringent Chemical Droplet

A plant-like formation with beautiful patterns and colors spontaneously emerges on the edge of a glass slide when a birefringent chemical droplet is inserted into the space between crossed-polarizers.