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Will Satellites Cripple Ground-Based Astronomy?

Some worry that the growth of space technology—which originally sprang from humanity’s fascination with the stars—now threatens access to the clear skies vital for research with a new generation of Earth-based telescopes.

by Jeff Hecht
Optics and Biometrics

Forget passwords—identity verification can now be accomplished with the touch of a finger or in the blink of an eye as the biometrics field expands to encompass new techniques and application areas.

by Diana Lee, Zhengxiong Li, Wenyao Xu, Jun Xia and Giovanni Milione
Optics in Africa: Six Stories

A recently published JOSA A and B feature issue highlighted the wide-ranging optical and photonic research being pursued by scientists on the African continent. For this first installment of a two-part feature, OPN talked with several of the contributors.

by Stewart Wills

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Second-order merons / Light-emitting tattoos / Improving synchrotron sources / Chemical reactions in time and space / VLT’s extrasolar search / Going public via SPAC / Survey explores online learning / Flexible terahertz imaging / Low-cost methane detection

African Photonics

In recent years, the number of optics and photonics programs across Africa has increased. Here we highlight some of the continent’s largest photonics centers and their primary areas of research.

Optics Innovations
Is It AR’s Time to Shine?

A photonics company considers the lighting solutions that could pave the way for a consumer-driven augmented-reality revolution.

Harnessing Attosecond Quantum Technologies

Exploring the quantum physics underlying high-harmonic light sources and the exquisite control it provides.

Then and Now
Beyond Materials

An obscure paper theorizing negative-index materials was resurrected 30 years later as researchers began to engineer materials to manipulate electromagnetic waves.


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Trusting Science

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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Lithography; atom laser; Arthur L. Schawlow.

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Webinar series: From Ph.D. to CEO / “We Are OSA” podcast and blog / New conference video interface / Virtual OFC lineup / 5G webinars / Luminar podcast / OSA Fellow stories / Patricia Bath and Kuo-Nan Liou remembered / Optics advocacy / Chang-Hasnain visits Zhejiang University / Thank you, editors and volunteers

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