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High-Powered Diode Lasers—New, Bright and Blue

Blue diode laser designs with kW powers are advancing in industrial processing applications, including cutting, welding and foil joining of copper and other high-reflectance materials.

by Valerie C. Coffey
2D MOFs: A New Platform for Optics?

An emerging class of 2D semiconductors, so-called metal-organic frameworks, offers intriguing potential as an active element in optical applications.

by Himani Arora, SangWook Park, Renhao Dong and Artur Erbe
Exceptional Times: 5G Networks in a COVID-19 Era

The coronavirus and its associated economic dislocations have complicated the technology’s 2020 rollout. But the changes wrought by the pandemic may boost the case for 5G in the long run.

by Stéphane Téral and Becky Bosco

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Optical seismometer monitors volcano / Laser test of facemask / Quantum secret sharing / Machine learning / Quantum-dot nanopixels / Diode laser beginnings / Luminar Technologies merger / Display calibration puzzles / Spectroscopic cardiac imaging

Race to the Diode Laser

On 9 July 1962, Robert J. Keyes of MIT Lincoln Labs reported observing intense luminescence with a quantum efficiency of ~85 % from GaAs junctions at 77 K. Within months, four research teams would independently develop and demonstrate injection lasers. 

Reflecting on 60 Years of Solid-State Lasers

At the 2020 OSA Laser Congress, a solid-state laser pioneer will guide attendees through laser history—and illuminate some behind-the-scenes insights along the way.

OIDA Market Report
Who’s Buying Lasers in a Pandemic?

Coronavirus has plagued 2020 with economic uncertainty—however, OSA’s senior industry advisor predicts that the laser industry may weather the storm better than most.

Then and Now
Laser Processing

The small heat-affected zone of laser pulses, and their potential to etch tiny features with little damage to the surrounding material, helped launch the sector of laser micromachining.

Becoming a Quantum Ambassador

An OSAF fellowship winner discusses her career journey and the launch of a platform that prepares quantum workers and recruits them for industry jobs.


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Magnetic recording; giant planets; direct-diode lasers

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