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Quantum Sensors: A Revolution in the Offing?

New measuring devices exploit the extreme sensitivity of quantum states—but making them practical is a challenge.

by Edwin Cartlidge
Single-Photon Sources

Exploring and extending the promise of quantum technologies requires the ability to work with single quantum objects—especially photons. Here’s a look at the range of single-photon-source technologies available, and how and where they work.

by Urbasi Sinha, Surya Narayan Sahoo, Ashutosh Singh, Kaushik Joarder, Rishab Chatterjee and Sanchari Chakraborti
Integrated Lidar: Transforming Transportation

On-chip silicon photonics technology is enabling smaller, cheaper, better distance-ranging sensors to realize safe, ubiquitous vehicle automation and more.

by Valerie C. Coffey

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Reflections in Diversity
Let's Fix the System

Instead of teaching women how to survive in today’s flawed STEM culture, the author suggests developing leaders who foster a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Integrated Photonics Plug-and-Play

A new integrated-photonics education kit seeks to engage and train undergraduate students for the growing silicon photonics job market.

Better Sensors via Squeezed Light

Some quantum-mechanical sleight-of-hand can boost detector sensitivity.

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CMOS-Compatible Bragg Solitons / Self-Torque in Twisted Light Beams / Mid-IR to Near-IR / A Different Kind of Smart Glass / Taking the Chill Off of THz / Optical Clock Precision Breaks New Ground / Of Lumedica and Luminate / Cisco to Purchase Acacia / CUST Photography / Book Reviews


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30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

A healthy flow of papers; transparent metals; solar concentrators; the contributions of Krausz and Corkum to attosecond science.

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AOP Celebrates 10 Years / Papoyan Named 2019 Advocate of Optics / Celebrating LGBT STEM Day / OSK Turns 30 / Thank You, Volunteers / Thank You, Editors / OSA at the World of Photonics Congress

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OSA Financial Report

Summary of OSA financial statements from the past year.