Feature Articles

3-D Laser Nanoprinting

Two-photon absorption is enabling additive manufacturing at incredibly fine scales—with emerging techniques promising to enhance speed, precision and flexibility.

by Vincent Hahn, Frederik Mayer, Michael Thiel and Martin Wegener
Back to the Moon—and Beyond

Optics and photonics technology will play a key role in NASA’s efforts to put more human footprints on the lunar surface—and to use it as a base for farther-flung expeditions.

by C. David Chaffee
Ultraviolet, the Vampire Slayer

OPN’s “Light Touch” columnist offers a Halloween treat: a brief cultural history of UV light’s deadly effect on vampires.

by Stephen R. Wilk

Departments and Columns

Optics Innovations
A New Lens on Agricultural Monitoring

An agri-tech startup aims to increase the quality and efficiency of food-process monitoring in the rural United States.

OIDA Market Report
The Hype about Hype

OSA’s senior industry advisor analyzes the peaks and valleys of laser sales.

Then and Now
Determining Molecular Vibrations

Nearly a century ago, the discovery of the inelastic scattering of light gave birth to Raman spectroscopy, enabling fundamental scientific insights at the molecular level.

Research and Industry News

Bio-inspired Films for Soft Robotics / Photon Diode for Optical Computing / PCF Accelerometer / Ultrasound: The New Endoscopy? / Therapeutic Micro-bots / State of 3-D Printing / Metamaterials Market Study / Solar Power on the Farm? / Thermally Tunable Microlenses

Career Focus
Pursuing an Entrepreneurial Vision

Three professionals explain why starting an optics and photonics business is a viable and fulfilling career track.

Ready to Print in 3-D?

Thanks to lower prices and increased availability for desktop 3-D printers—now might be the time to try 3-D printing at home. Here we look at some popular options.


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Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Surface-emitting diode lasers; quantum cascade lasers; lidar.

OSA Update
News from the Society

Honors for Strickland and Marcos / First Subsea-optical-fiber School / Congressional Fellows / OSAF hosts Innovation School / OSA Fellow Stories / Reviewer Portal Launched / Fourth Edition of ISLIST / Thank You, Editors and Volunteers