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The Remarkable Fiber Optic Vision Of Charles Kao

Five decades ago, the late Charles Kao asked how clear a glass material could be made. The answer made fiber optics the future of telecommunications.

by Jeff Hecht
In-Fiber Silicon Photonics

The maturing of methods for fabricating semiconductor core fibers is opening up opportunities in optical communication and beyond.

by A.C. Peacock and J. Ballato
Time to Open the 2-μm Window?

Extending fiber communications to a longer wavelength could help ease capacity issues—and will require intense development in fiber technology, active and passive semiconductor components, and silicon photonics.

by Fatima Gunning and Brian Corbett

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Record-Level Laser-Cooled Plasmas / Shining a Light on EVOO / Optogenetic Implant  / Compound Eyes on a Budget / Quantum Cryptography Market Growth Forecast / Endangered Elements / Nanoparticle Position Control / CubeSats as Guide Stars  / Book Reviews

Argentina’s Economic Crisis Threatens Science

Researchers urge the government to prioritize science and technology—or risk the total collapse of the country’s science infrastructure.

OFC 2019: 5G, Mobility and Integration

This month, attendees from all over the globe will flock to San Diego, Calif., USA, to the Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exhibition (OFC). Optics & Photonics News spoke with the conference’s three plenary speakers to discuss recent innovations in optical communications, and to get their take on the future of the field.

Light Touch
The Best Disinfectant

Exploring how sunlight, even absent any bells and whistles, can purify biologically contaminated water.

5G: Unmatched Connectivity

The tremendous speed and low latency of 5G will allow users to respond to ever-increasing volumes of data, and to remain connected around the clock to a world of devices beyond computers and phones.


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Remembering Boris Zeldovich: 1944-2018

Four colleagues look back on the career and contributions of the renowned Russian–American physicist, who passed away in December 2018.

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Thank You, OSA Foundation Donors

The OSA Foundation (OSAF) serves as the philanthropic arm of The Optical Society (OSA). Its mission is to inspire and support promising individuals in their pursuit of careers in optics and photonics.