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Still Plenty of Room at the Bottom

Six decades after Richard Feynman speculated about the angstrom-sized world, new optoelectronic and photonic technologies have surpassed his casual conjectures.

by Patricia Daukantas
The Birth of Attochemistry

The application of attosecond experimental and theoretical tools to chemistry, and in the future to biology, is opening new avenues of research.

by Mauro Nisoli
From Student to Nobel Laureate

Donna Strickland reflects on the road to CPA—and on her own winding path from research to recognition.

by Molly Moser
Photonic Eyes on Earth

From the depths of the core to the fringes of the atmosphere, photonic technologies are driving new insights on Earth history, natural disasters and climate change.

by Yael Fitzpatrick and Stewart Wills

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A Boost for Solar Hydrogen Fuel / Optical Clock Passes Accuracy Test / Phonon Laser  / Over the “Memory Wall” / Optical Biopsy in 3-D / Auto Lidar Optics / Book Reviews

Nano in Our Food

The addition of nanoparticles to food has the potential to improve food quality, safety and nutrition. However, because of their small size, there is also the risk that ingested nanoparticles could damage cells or organs. Here we look at some of the nanoparticles used in foods and some of the potential risks. (For more on nanotech, see this month’s cover story “Still Plenty of Room at the Bottom.”)

Lessons Learned in Industry

A seasoned company leader and a serial entrepreneur discuss the ins and outs of starting and growing an optics and photonics business.

Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Don’t let an ineffective introduction deter readers from appreciating your research—reel them in from the very first paragraph.

OIDA Market Report
The Ins and Outs of Industry Collaboration

For optics and photonics companies, partnerships can sometimes be a double-edged sword.


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President's Message
From the Galaxy to the Nanoscale

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago in OPN

Thin-film security devices; LEDs for headlights; silicon marbles.

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Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship Recipients / Optics in Space / OSA Fellow Profiles / NAS Gains New Members / Celebrating IDL 2019 / OSA at CLEO 2019 / OSA Hosts Quantum Bio-Photonics and Agri-Photonics Incubators  / Thank You, Editors / Thank You, Volunteers