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CubeSats: Tiny Platforms for Orbiting Optics

Small, boxy satellites are ridesharing their way into outer space—and may lead to important advances in laser communications and cybersecurity.

by Patricia Daukantas
Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging

Computational imaging techniques, sensitive photon detectors and considerable imagination are creating techniques for 3-D imaging of objects around corners and behind walls.

by Daniele Faccio
Color Vision and Color Spaces

A look at the links between human color perception and the physical color models and systems used to create optical devices.

by Mohana Kuppuswamy Parthasarathy and Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan

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Research and Industry News

A topological shield for entangled photons; using OCT to watch an ear hear; quantum encryption; angle-sensing photodetectors; perovskites for Li-Fi; photonics megamerger; quantum flagship sets sail; a laser “porch light” for alien neighbors.

Animal Vision: Seeing Color

Color perception in animals has evolved to help in collecting information about the environment—from recognizing food sources to selecting mates. Many animals can perceive at least as many colors as humans and some even see into the ultraviolet. (For more on human color vision, see our feature “Color Vision and Color Spaces.”)

Setting America’s Quantum Course

A White House expert on quantum information science throws light on a recent strategic overview for the discipline—and on where U.S. quantum policy is heading.

Optics Innovations
Beyond the Visible

Raptor Photonics, a deceptively small U.K. engineering company, has been developing the next generation of short-wave infrared cameras.

OIDA Market Report
Optics and Photonics Market Outlook 2019

Our columnist puts his finger on the optics industry’s pulse as a new year begins. The beat, he finds, is healthy and strong—but it bears some monitoring.


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President's Message
Inclusivity as a Core Value

Looking Back
30, 20, and 10 Years Ago

A manuscript delivered by helicopter; Lightcraft propulsion technology; silicon photonic crystals.

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David Wineland to speak at Tuskegee University; recognizing student winners in Asia; 2019 Siegman School to be held in Rochester; Walther and Tyndall Award winners; thank you, volunteers and editors; Rogan elected COS Foreign Fellow; Shoop named dean of engineering; remembering Walter F. Buell; OSA Fellow stories.