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High-Power Fiber Lasers

Fiber lasers have laid down a strong track record for high-power, high-quality beams for industry and even the military. The challenge is pushing them beyond their current limits.

by Jeff Hecht
Wavefront Sensing in Deep Turbulence

Applications ranging from lidar to free-space laser communications to directed energy require ever-better ways to overcome the distortions of a churning atmosphere. Emerging wavefront-sensing technologies are stepping up to the challenge.

by Abbie T. Watnik and Dennis F. Gardner
The Solar Zone

Deep in the Arizona desert, a testing facility is advancing photovoltaic technologies.

by Richard C. Powell

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Research and Industry News

Excitonic devices with 2-D materials; light-induced demagnetization; quantum random number chip; seeing through fire; THz beam shaper; OSAF Innovation School; fiber sensing.

Spectroscopy & the Nobel

October is when scientists around the world await the results from Stockholm. Since the Nobel Prize was established in 1895, a surprising number of the awards have gone to advances related to or enabled by spectroscopy—from the spectral splitting of the Zeeman and Stark effects to cutting-edge advances enabled by laser frequency combs. We offer a small (and far from complete) sample here; to explore further, visit www.nobelprize.org.

Career Focus
Jumpstart a Research Career, Anywhere

Two OSA Ambassadors, Felipe Beltrán-Mejía and Federico J. Furch, share strategies for starting a career in economically developing countries.

OIDA Market Report
Are There New Markets Left for Lasers?

Tom Hausken delves into the difference between new and improved applications, and asks what really drives novel uses of laser technology.

Takeaways from the Siegman School

Two 2018 students reflect on their time at OSAF’s laser science learning program: what they picked up, what they presented and why you should apply.

Light Touch
The Great 19th-Century Green-Spectacle Craze

Stephen R. Wilk delves into an interesting early-1800s optical fixation—green glasses.


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President's Message
Working Together Across Boundaries

Ideas are not bounded geographically, and their impact is felt everywhere.

OSA Update
News from the Society

OSA Fellow Member stories; Incubator explores twisted light; Scholarship and travel grant student winners; OSA at CLEO–Pacific Rim; inaugural Kevin P. Thompson Award winner; moving ahead on the brightest lasers; IONS Changchun 2018; thank you, editors and volunteers.

In Memoriam
Remembering Emil Wolf, 1922-2018

Three colleagues offer a remembrance of an influential and beloved figure in optics.