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Vision Accomplished: The Bionic Eye

Optoelectronic technology, novel prosthetic devices and surgical implant techniques are offering the miracle of vision to sufferers of retinitis pigmentosa and other sight-stealing conditions.

by Valerie C. Coffey
Quantum Dots for Biomedicine

Luminescent nanoparticles, tuned to link up with specific biomolecules, are making inroads in a range of biomedical applications, from sensing neurotoxins to exploring the cell.

by A.L. Huston, J.B. Delehanty and I.L. Medintz
Giant Telescopes of the 20th Century

Two mountaintop telescopes in California—landmark engineering accomplishments of the past 100 years—revealed the expanding universe beyond our galaxy and reached billions of light years into the cosmos.

by Jeff Hecht

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Research and Industry News

Blue-phase LCs enhance TV; Raman spectroscopy in IBD detection; DNA sequencing by smartphone; perovskite LED films; light-activated material for cargo transport; multiconjgate AO on solar telescope; transportable optical clocks; photonics R&D strong in 2016.

Career Focus
Jumpstarting a Data Science Career

Bootcamps help physicists in search of a change break into new career as a data scientist.

OSA Biophotonics Congress: Optics in the Life Sciences

This OSA congress—held in San Diego, Calif., USA, this month—examines the role of optics in various aspects of life sciences, from imaging to the study of biological processes and more. Here we talk with two of the meeting’s plenary speakers, Subra Suresh and Laura Waller.

OIDA Market Report
The Biophotonics R&D Picture

Spending in the sector shows modest but steady growth.

Light Touch
Thoreau’s Rainbow

A questionable description in a classic text prompts reflection on the relationships among nature, science and art.


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President's Message
Toward a More Diverse Society

The optics community has a long way to go to accomplish a better gender balance.

OSA Update
News from the Society

OSA Fellow Vuckovic on Reddit AMA; Mazur interviewed on travel restrictions; OSA members honored as RSE Fellows; early-career award for Fleisher; thanks to meeting volunteers and editors.