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Space-Based Laser Communications Break Threshold

Recent and upcoming deployments of satellite laser communication systems are bringing Internet-like speeds for data transmission in space. The result could be a revolution in communication, both on Earth and across the solar system.

by Donald Cornwell
Photodynamic Therapy

A century-old biophotonic technique continues to develop, offering new, low-cost treatment possibilities for cancer, drug-resistant bacteria and more.

by Cristina Kurachi and Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato
OSA Centennial Snapshots: The Decade When Everything Changed

With momentum from wartime R&D funds, the optics and photonics scene post-WWII was filled with transformative innovations in optics design, surveillance, fiber optics and, of course, the laser.

by Jeff Hecht

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Spike steers light through fiber; algorithms for quantum experiments; super-res brain imaging; rescuing memories with optogenetics; slimming down solar cells; putting a face on innovation; and stretchy light-emitting "octoskin."

Optics Innovations
Sensor Center Rises from Florida Ranchland

In a part of central Florida known for cattle ranching and Walt Disney World, a community is rallying behind the vision of becoming the center of the sensor-driven economy.

Conversations in Optics
Q&A with CLEO: 2016 Plenary Speakers

The Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO: 2016), which takes place 5 to 10 June, in San Jose, California, USA, will bring together an international audience to share groundbreaking research in laser technology. OPN had the opportunity to talk with three of this year’s plenary speakers: OSA Fellows Ferenc Krausz, Masataka Nakazawa and Jelena Vuckovic.

OIDA Market Report
The 100-Year View of Photonics: Part 1

OSA’s Centennial offers an opportunity to take a long view of our market and its impact on society.


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