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Optical Dreams, Virtual Reality

From the low-cost Google Cardboard to the high-end Oculus Rift, virtual-reality headsets—and some eye-popping applications—are finally reaching the consumer market. But can VR technology vanquish its long-term nemesis of motion sickness?

by Jeff Hecht
Optical Computing: Past and Future

All-optical information processing has a checkered past—but technological developments, tougher problems and the rise of big data are all prompting a new look, as highlighted in a recent OSA Incubator Meeting.

by Ravi Athale and Demetri Psaltis
OSA Centennial Snapshots: Lasers, Lunar Missions and Legacies

Hal Walker Jr.’s journey from the U.S. Navy to NASA to global educator.

by Brian J. Hagerty

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Research and Industry News

Spectroscopic radiocarbon detection; cell imaging with big data; nano-“trampolines” multilingual circuits; pairing 2-D semiconductors; industry news; DIY squeezed light in fiber; solar-cell contact formation.

Optics Innovations
MUSE: Slide-Free Microscopy

Alexandre Y. Fong and Richard M. Levenson introduce a new optics-enabled microscopy method that creates diagnostic-quality images without lengthy and expensive specimen and slide preparation.

Beyond Borders
Expanding Technical Education in India

OSA Fellow Lecturer Stephen Rand shares his thoughts on India’s new higher education initiatives created to stoke the country’s technological progress.

Light Touch
Why Are Candle Flames Yellow?

Stephen Wilk says the answer to this question is much more complex than he thought.


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Mentors and Mentees

“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction.” —John C. Crosby (1859-1943), U.S. politician and businessperson

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2016 OSA Awards

OSA is pleased to name the 2016 recipients of its prestigious awards and medals.