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Kicking Off the OSA Centennial

This month, OPN helps mark The Optical Society’s 100th anniversary with articles providing both a glimpse ahead and a look back.

by OPN Staff
Imaging with Multimode Fibers

Progress in addressing image distortion could pave the way for a new generation of extremely thin, high-resolution endoscopes for biomedicine.

by Demetri Psaltis and Christophe Moser
Group IV Photonics: Driving Integrated Optoelectronics

Use of group IV element alloys in chip-scale lasers, detectors and other active devices could enable truly monolithic manufacture of optoelectronic ICs in existing CMOS foundries.

by Richard Soref, Dan Buca and Shui-Qing Yu
How the Great War Changed the Optics Industry

The demands of World War I transformed the optical-glass industries of the Allied countries from small-scale, trial-and-error crafts to volume enterprises informed by science.

by Stewart Wills

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Sharper low-light photos with smartphones, improving solar cells, portable particle accelerators, and more.

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OSA Celebrates 100 Years: Q&A with Chris Dainty

The 2011 President of OSA and chair of the OSA Centennial Advisory Panel talks with Optics & Photonics News about his history with the society and what the panel hopes to accomplish this year.

OIDA Market Report
Defining Biophotonics

Highlights from the OSA Industry Development Associates (OIDA) biophotonics town hall forum.

Optics Innovations
At Princeton Lightwave, Single Photons are in Focus

Princeton Lightwave pursues opportunities in single-photon sensing, offering new solutions to commercial and defense markets.


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The Road to OSA’s Centennial

The Optical Society (OSA) celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2016. To commemorate this special occasion, the society is planning a number of activities and events. Check the OSA Centennial website for information about how you can join the celebration: www.osa.org/100