Nova Photonics: From Innovation to Implementation

Jill Foley

The team at Nova Photonics has decades of experience in making optical measurements in the harsh plasma environment, giving them a strong basis in physics, polarization optics, hardware and system integration. Their goal is to devise innovative solutions to challenges in fusion energy and see them through to implementation.


imageFred Levinton, President of Nova Photonics, in the laboratory with a polarimeter.

Trying to confine a plasma using magnetic fields is a little like attempting to hold a lump of Jell-O with rubber bands. (Actually, it’s a lot harder—at least you can see and touch Jell-O and rubber bands.) This and the other unique challenges posed by working with hot plasma have so far limited the applications of controlled fusion energy, despite its promise as a source of clean, safe, abundant power. Nova Photonics seeks to contribute to the understanding of high-temperature plasmas.

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