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Optics Hot Spots

Growing markets in mainland China, Taiwan and Mexico will be the focus of a two-day conference this fall in Arizona.

Frontiers in Optics

OSA’s 87th Annual Meeting has a new name and a new format. The meeting, scheduled for Oct. 5-9 in Tucson, Ariz., will feature 837 papers, a talk by President Bush’s science advisor, a tour of the University of Arizona’s Optical Sciences Center and many other exciting events.

The Design of Optical Thin Film Coatings With Total and Frustrated Total Internal Reflection

Innovations in thin film coating technology are allowing scientists to design new types of polarizing and non-polarizing beam splitters, cut-off filters and thin film phase retarders.

Footprints: A “War Story”

Footprints, a low cost distributed imaging system, was designed to track consumer behavior in retail outlets. The story behind its development may strike a cord with many scientists and engineers.

The Role of Microlenses in High Capacity Optical Networks

Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) and parallel interconnection are based on the use of new technologies to manipulate light rays. The author describes the use of graded refractive index lenses and planar microlens arrays in DWDM and parallel interconnection systems.

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OSA Today
Who’s Who on the OSA Board of Directors

OPN talks to Dave Hardwick.

Washington Focus
Fellows Carry Science to Capitol Hill

There aren’t many scientists among the members of Congress and their aides. Among the few with scientific expertise, a substantial proportion arrived on a Science and Technology Public Policy Fellowship.

The History of OSA
The Early Years of Applied Optics

OSA lays the foundations for its second journal. Pricing policy and criteria for selecting articles are among the topics under discussion. The first issue features articles by three future Nobelists.


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