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Replicated Diffractive Optics and Micro-Optics

Replication technology has moved into the submicrometer world thanks to recent advances in materials and processes. New commercial applications of diffractive optics and micro-optics have emerged as a result.

by Michael T. Gale
An Interactive Web-Based Tool for Teaching Optics and Vision

A multimedia teaching aid based on animated Java applets can help users visualize the behavior of complex optical systems.

by Habib Hamam
Targeting in Photodynamic Therapy and Photo-Imaging

For phototherapy and photodiagnosis to be successful, optical agents, delivery technologies and methods of analysis must be carefully matched to the pathophysiology of the disease being targeted.

by Brian W. Pogue and Tayyaba Hasan
Science and Technology in the Submillimeter Region

Rapid advances across a broad range of technologies are allowing the submillimeter wave spectral region to fulfill its potential. Astronomy, atmospheric science and fundamental laboratory research are among the areas in which use of the submillimeter is expanding.

by Frank C. De Lucia

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OSA Today
Local Sections: Many Opportunities To Instruct and Inspire

OSA has 28 sections in seven countries, and many were founded with a goal of broadening knowledge about optics in local communities.

Lessons at the Speed of Light

I s it possible to make an easy-to-use experiment to teach 11- to 18-year-old students the fundamentals of modern optical communication networks on a budget of less than $150? Possible, yes. Easy, no ...

The History of OSA
Memories of OSA and Optics in the 1920s

George Harrison of MIT, a well-known spectroscopist who had been a member of OSA since the early 1920s, had served as editor of JOSA for 10 years and had been OSA president in 1945-46. Here we share some of his memories of optics in the roaring '20s.

Optical Entrepreneur
Competitive Intelligence: The Other Side of Market Research

In the March installment of this column, we discussed product positioning, differentiation and the identification of niche markets from the customer’s perspective. This month, we focus from the provider’s perspective on competitive intelligence: techniques that can be used to gather and analyze information about competitors, customers and markets.

Global Optics
Outreach in Istanbul: News from the OSA Student Chapter at Koç University

The assembly of a solarpowered car and optics demonstrations at local schools are among the first projects to be undertaken by OSA’s new student chapter at Koç University. Founded in the spring of 2002, the chapter counts 23 student and three faculty members, including advisor Ali Serpengüzel, an associate professor of physics.


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