Feature Articles

Phase-Conjugate Optics

A new research area in coherent optics has emerged and has been receiving increasing attention from many scientists as its important applications are recognized. Phase-conjugate optics is the name that seems to have been accepted to describe this new field.

by John AuYeung and Amnon Yariv
Applied Biophysical Laboratory of the Technical University of Budapest

The activity of the Applied Biophysics Laboratory of the Technical University Budapest can be described best by an interrogative sentence: How can coherent radiation be utilized to solve problems related to biomedical assignments? However, the nature of the coherent radiation to be used is not at all defined; it can be electromagnetic (e.g., a laser) as well as mechanical (when ultrasonic radiation is used).

by Pal Greguss, Jr.
Single-Atom Detection with Lasers

In this article we will review the different methods of single-atom detection. As an example, we will concentrate on our own single-atom velocity measurements by the method of laser-resonance fluorescence.

by W. M. Fairbank, Jr., and C. Y. She
Close Encounters are the Best Kind: Poster Papers-An Added Dimensions in Technical Presentation

The traditional form of presentation used at scientific meetings is as old as science itself. The speaker stands in front of the audience and discourses on what he has undertaken, why he has done it, and what, if anything, has been learned in the process. To make clear his arguments, and to reinforce the narration with visual elements, the speaker will write on the blackboard or project slides on a screen in front of the audience, usually in a serial presentation.

by A. J. Glass and A. H. Guenther