Feature Articles

Holography on the Spacelab 3 mission

Used as a major data gathering system on Spacelab 3, holography helps to study TGS crystal growth.

by Robert B. Owen and R.L. Kroes
Scattering and Surface Evaluation Techniques for the Optics of the Future

A key to improving the performance of high quality optics, and in particular the thin film coatings on the optics, is to reduce scattering and absorption losses, especially caused by roughness at interfaces. In this paper are discussed the origins of scattered light, scalar and vector theories to predict scattering from surface microirregularities, and methods for measuring hemispherical and angle-resolved scattering. In addition, ways of measuring surface microstructure and defects, and bulk and interface absorption in films and substrates are also described.

by Jean M. Bennett
UA Announces Revolution in Mirror Making

A University of Arizona (UA) astronomer has developed a revolutionary method to cast gigantic, yet relatively lightweight, monolithic glass mirrors. This technique is being used to construct an 8-m, f/1 infrared telescope to sit atop Arizona's Mount Graham, a site considered to be one of the best for astronomy in the country.

by William Borrelle