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Single-Mode Optical Fiber Allows Almost-Lossless Lightwave Transmission

When people talk fiber optics these days, they're usually alluding to a type of fiber that was just beginning to appear commercially a year ago. Last year only about 4 percent of the fiber installed in the United States was single mode; this year single mode will be a large majority.

by Howard Rausch
The Optical Data Processing Family Tree

The historical development of the field of optical data processing can be represented in the form of a tree. Like a tree, the field has deep roots, a strong trunk, major branches that subdivide into smaller limbs, and new growth. In many cases the branches intertwine. The structure of this tree is the topic of this article. Keep in mind, however that the picture presented here is a personal and subjective one. This is always the case in any evaluation of past developments and speculation about the future.

by Joseph W. Goodman
Optics in Japan

Activities of the Japanese optical industry are reknown throughout the world because of that country's optical products such as cameras, binoculars, and more recently, optical fibers and semiconductor lasers. However, Japanese activities in optical research are not as well known. This article has been prepared to introduce some recent activities of Japanese optical research in various fields in preparation for ICO-13 which will be held in Sapporo, Japan next August. Names of some organizations are expressed in abbreviated form for convenience. A list of the full names can be found in the box elsewhere in this article.

by J. Tsujiuchi